Thursday, September 13, 2012

TONI&GUY Hair products review

First of all let me make everyone aware I'm a BzzAgent. I get to try products and share my opinions about them. Anyone who reads my blog knows how brutally honest I am and that any opinions shared are my personal feelings. Hell this is a blog, not a sales page lol. I was lucky enough to be chosen to try, review and comment on some of the TONI&GUY products now available at Boots. My hair is a big part of my style. If the hair is wrong then everything is wrong. Mine is thick, wavy/curly and can be very unruly. I spend a BOMB on my hair. I've tried so many products. I love trying new things so this was exciting pick for me

I was given 5 products these were:

Sea Salt Texturising Spray
Heat Protection Mist
Sculpting Powder
Curl Defining Hair Oil
Shine Gloss Serum

First off the sea salt spra. This is an awesome product. I like experimenting with my style and spritzing this mist through my hair when damp, and then drying roound my finger gives gorgeous boho wavy curls. I wish I could show you the pics but for some crazy reason the lead from my camera to my pc isn't working and I can't upload any pictures :-(

The heat protection mist is fantastic. I love my straighteners but am very aware of the effects they and blow drying can have on my hair. With this mist my hair still retains it's shine. There is much less breaking at the ends. This is great value as well compared with products I've bought at the hairdressers.

For those days when curls are hot to trot the curl defining oil wins the battle against frizz hands down. I used this on a hot humid day. My curls stayed fresh and defined for over 12 hours without needing any more product. It's a wonder invention.

The sculpting powder is fricking amazing. For those days between washes it gives root lift and a matt effect so no hint of greasiness. This is desk drawer ammo for those days when you head out to party straight from work. A quick trip to the restroom rub a bit into the roots, blast under the hand dryer and voila tousled sexy va va voom hair.

The shime gloss serum is a red carpet product. Glossy superstar shine that is so easy to use. With christmas coming up this is a glam essential.

All of these products smell great. I love the sleek co-ordinating packaging as well, it looks great in the bathroom. These products bring salon styling into your home at amazing prices. Get to Boots NOW people !!!!