Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rest In Peace Fiona Geraghty

Today coroner Micheal Rose laid a damning verdict at the door of the fashion industry and media, he held them responsible for the heartbreaking suicide of fourteen year old Fiona Geraghty.

Photo: Irving of Exeter

Nicknamed Yoyo becase of her bouncy personality, she had been subjected to bullying from fellow schoolmates with them labelling her as fat. She developed bulimia nervosa and had been making herself vomit whilst at school. Both of her parents are doctors and she had been seen by mental health care professionals. Plans were being made for both Fiona and her older sister to move schools when this tragedy occured.

Mr Rose said in his summing up "Professor Bryan Lask said to me that the prevalence of eating disorders around young people did not exist before the 1970s.

"From that period onwards the fashion industry, particularly magazines, promoted the thin figure.

"I do ask for magazines that trade in the fashion industry to stop publishing photographs of wafer thin girls. For their vanity families like this suffer."

He also said it was one of the most tragic cases he had seen in 4 decades.

My thoughts and prayers go to Fiona's friends and family. I can not begin to imagine how much the loss of this beautiful and much loved young woman has affected those she left behind. I hope that somehow things do change and we start to see more realistic body images in the media. I also hope that those who tormented this young woman at school realise the damagee they have caused.