Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's Save Spud

Anyone who knows me well can confirm that I am barking mad, about animals that is. I have always had furries in my life from guinea pigs to the two collie crosses and maine coone moggie that furnish my life with fluff at the momment. Anyone who has a pet whom they love can only imagine what anguish the Dyer family are going through at the moment.

Spud was taken in by the Dyer family about 15 months ago. They didn't really know much about him like how old he is as he was adopted from a friend of a friend. Beverley his "Mum" got told he was a Staffordshire bull terrier cross, and as they had a Staffie before they agreed to take him on letting this gorgeous bag of fur into their home and hearts. He lives in a busy household with 2 smaller dogs and a stream of people in and out the house including Beverley's grandchildren. He regularly goes and stays with Beverley's son and his partner. He truly is a family pet. He is a well loved and totally socialsed dog as you can see from his pictures like this one.

Spud's "Mum" Beverley went on holiday in March and so Spud went on holiday and stayed with her Son and his partner not far away. Spud was a very silly boy and decided to break out the house for a spot of holiday romance with the hot girl dog in season down the road. He was picked up by the dog warden. This was on a Friday and they said they couldn't release him over the weekend. On Monday it transpired they were not happy to return spud as they wanted to investigate what "breed" he was.

Since then Beverley has been told by police that Spud has been seen by two experts who state he falls under the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA)'s "Banned breeds" umberella and they could either have him destroyed or take it to court to prove he's not a banned breed type dog and is therefore exempt from Breed Standard Legislation (BSL)

Beverley says they would abide by any requirements necessary to keep Spud for example getting him neutered, tattoed, microchipped, muzzled in public places and walked on a leash.

Beverley and her son have been interviewed UNDER CAUTION for breaking the law in keeping a banned breed, walking him off the leash etc even though they believed him to be a staffie cross.

My problem with the DDA AND BSL is that it demonises specific breeds and type of dog, which is just crazy. Any dog can snap or bite when provoked. I'd also like to know how can you make ANY judgement on a dogs temperament with a tape measure??

Beverley and her family are looking for our support to get this boy home so sign the petition HERE and join the facebook page HERE also follow on twitter HERE and share the links with everyone you know who may sign.

WOOF xxx