Thursday, April 19, 2012

Product Review - Oskia Skincare Micro Exfoliating Balm

When I went to the Curves in Couture show in November I received some skincare samples from a company called OSKIA. I tried them out and fell in love with them and made an order for their Micro Exfoliating Balm. I've been using it for about six months now and wanted to share it with you how great I think it is

I have ultra sensitive type one skin which is milk pale, never tans and gets very sore with harsh perfumes or chemicals. In addition to this the hormone treatment I am on for the endometriosis gives me horrid spots. I have spent so much money on exfoliating products and have frequesntly ended up binning them because instead of leaving my skin with a youthful dewy glow it looks scratched, red and irritated.

OSKIA's name is derived from the ancient Greek for ‘delivering beauty’, it's a high performance,nutritionally-designed natural skincare range that takes a nutritional and scientific approachto delaying premature ageing. The unique dual-action approach supplies the skin with essential cell nutrients - vitamins, minerals, proteins or amino acids, glucides and essential fatty acids – from both the inside and the outside to help rebuild cell health and efficiency, and harnessing the latest pioneering bio-actives to further promote a younger looking visage. All OSKIA products contain their unique patented MSM-Regen Complex™, natural collagen boosts, repairs and regenerate, these properties combine with breakthrough botanical, mineral and marine bio-actives including Ribose, Nicainamide, Galactoarabinan, Arnica and Laminaria Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, 03 Stressed yeast lysate, Immortelle Bleue, Omega 3 & 6 and powerful Swiss Apple Stem Cells; all scientifically proven to work.

The history of the brand is interesting also. I would really suggest visiting their website for the delicious skin friendly recipies by Thomasina Miers, Masterchef winner and owner of the divine Mexican restaurant Wahaca even if you don't buy anything. The company is still under a decade old and has a total bevy of awards to their name. The other thing I love in this time of outsourcing and offshoring is that the products are made in Wales. Now when my parcel arrived I fell hook line and sinker for the gorgeous packaging. It really embodies the brand. It's simple and elegant. I opened the tub the first thing that got me was the smell. No whiff of alcohol I really cannot put the scent into words but to me its just gorgeous and natural. You gently rub about a 2 pea sized amount onto your skin and there is when you feel the difference. The MSM and silica granules gently buff away dead skin cells and help unclog pores with no scratchy or rough particles. I usually do this for about 5 minutes then you rinse with warm water and it transforms into a soft milky wash that leaves your skin glowing. I usually do this once a week. It leaves my skin soft and radiant, my moisturiser sinks in brilliantly and when I put make up on it doesn't just sit on flaky areas because I don't have them.

Its £46 for 50ml you can buy it at Liberty the department store in London, or online at their website here. I know it is not cheap but the quality of their products and the results are outstanding. They do have regular money saving options, gift sets at Christmas for example. At the moment they are giving you £10 of your first order if you sign up to their news letter which is pretty cool and there are no postage fees. Let me know if you try their products and what you think of them. Tori xx


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