Tuesday, March 6, 2012

David Vs Goliath - chain store rip off's

I have a very guilty pleasure and that is the gorgeous quirky jewellery made by those wonderful peeps at Tatty Devine

These are beautiful pieces which are 99% hand made here in the UK. I came across their blog recently and was most grumped that it appears a well known high street retailer whom I refuse to grant publicity on this blog had the audacity to blatently copy some of their designs.

As I understand from their website matters are currently with solicitors and the questionable items have been withdrawn from sale.

This kind of behaviour drives me BANANAS !!! Tatty Devine are a small niche retailer who whilst being popular probably have better things to spend money on than solicitors fees unlike a big chain. We need to support people like Rosie and Harriet because they support British jobs. They are also supporting International Womens Day with a talk at the British Library.

Tatty pieces are INVESTMENTS you get a quality that the chainstore will not match and your item will hold it's value unlike a cheaper copy.

I really hope this is resolved to TD's satisfaction soon. Don't let the big guys bully you !!

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