Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How can size 2 hips be too fat?????

Yep two blog pieces in one day but when this flashed up I felt really strongly this was something I needed to comment on.

Holland’s Next Top Model deemed too fat wins suit against Elite agency

Please read full article HERE

A million articles have been written about unrealistic images used in fashion. The tragic cases of Isabelle Caro, Ana Carolina Reston and Luisel Ramos show that the fashion industry needs to really take a long hard look at itself and needs to accept responsibilty for the damage they cause.

This woman is tall slim and stunning - how can anyone in their right minds call her fat?

With 25% of British women now classed as obese we need to start tactically shopping avoiding designers with waif like models we have to hit them where it hurts and thats in their turnover.

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