Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Hidden Horror - Endometriosis Part 2

While I am looking at a hysterectomy, at the moment my condition is managed by a whole host of medications, self help and alternative therapies. I have a 3 monthly injection of Prostap aka leuprorelin. This drug is also used to treat prostate cancer in men. This drug gives me a chemical menopause. Whilst the monthly bleeding has stopped I contend with symptoms like hot flushes, skin thinning and moodswings. One of the major side effects of this medication is bone thinning which can lead to oesteoporosis so I have regular checks. I also take Lyrica aka pregabalin to reduce the affects of overactive nerves causing pain. I take co-codamol 500/30, Tramadol and oral morphine when needed. I practice relaxation techniques. I also use accupunture and massage.

The pain I live with I would not wish on my worst enemy. The only way I can describe it is abdominal toothache. I have a personality transplant when it's bad so my family tell me. I act like a hermit I dont want to go out and all I really wish to do is curl up in a ball on my bed. There have been times when I have just wanted to go to sleep and not wake up. They tend to come when my sleep is being affected by the pain.

I am in two minds over the hysterectomy. In my case due to my age they would either have to leave my ovaries in or give me HRT. The problem is that ovaries and hrt would supply hormones that keep the endometriosis active. In addition to that if my pain is due to scar tissue and adhesions these will not be removed by the surgery so I could under go this highly invasive surgery and still have problems.

It appears that after speaking to a lot of women they are told a hysterectomy will "CURE" their endo. Sadly this is not the case.

There are a lot of theories about what causes endometriosis in women but research into this disease is at infancy stages. They believe that 1 in 10 women have endometriosis but the figure may be even higher as some women are just too embaressed to seek medical advice.

If any of the issues I have spoken about here effect you and you want to chat please feel free to email me. And on that note I am going to finish, but I'lll leave you with this cute teddy pic.

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  1. Hi, Victoria!
    I was searching Google for images to accompany my blog post and came across your blog. I have been on the same hormone you are referring to and have exhausted all of my other options. I've finally decided to go ahead with the hysterectomy to help deal with my endo (I'm 42 and have been battling since the age of 16). I relate to your blog posts very well and sympathize with the surge in your hormones right now. I hope it helps you. I was told that as much as 75% of women who take the injections can get relief for up to 5 years. Sadly, that didn't happen for me but those are very good odds and I wish you the best of luck!